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Module 1 - Devouring Google ($197 Value)

Discover what makes big G tick for local SEO and how to turn that to your advantage!
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Link building for local SEO is easier than you think
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The big 4 every business needs
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Module 5 - Putting It All Together ($97 Value)

Discover how we sell SEO by not selling SEO
We reveal what businesses to target and which ones to avoid
Get our client intake form and other DFY materials
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Bonus Module - Local Keyword Research ($97 Value)

We reveal our keyword research secrets for identifying quick wins and making sure you can deliver results for your client.

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Bonus 1
How I Sold This Ugly Website to a Local Business for $3,000 ($297 Value)
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Local SEO Shark Fast Cash Website Audits
How To Get $500 Per Client Doing Local SEO Audits ($500+ Value)
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